Minggu, 14 April 2013


            We need time. We do everything in our own way. We broke up:

You're easily to fix me up, but i’m not so. I have tried to fix you up but i don’t fix anything. More i try more i love you.

            I know you know, time has gone. Two years have gone. You grow up. I grow up. You have changed, and so have i. Two years do not make me completely fix you.

Hallow stranger.
Stranger that i love so much.
Stranger that i miss the most......
Last day i faced you. It just made me see butterfly (again), made my heart knock, knock. Do you ever miss me dude? Cause i miss you so so so so much.

My-old-twentythree...... last day was a beautifull day. I wanna tell you, you have heard this before sih he-he-he. I love you as easy as one-two-three :-----)

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